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The NPA Process: Basic Training

"This programme will walk you step by step through the basics of The NPA Process and give you what you need to get started making a difference in your life right away with NPA."

Are You Ready To Let Go Of The Yukky Stuff & Let In The Yummy Stuff Of Life?

NPA Basic Training has all the essential info you need to get up and running with NPA and start using the process to bring freedom, empowerment and lightness into your life, and the life of your loved ones and friends

This smile-inducing training includes:

9 Concise Video Lessons

That take you step by step through the things you need to know and understand in order to use The NPA Process effectively.

They also include live examples of me working with real people and their real issues so you can see and hear how the process operates in practice. Plus these lessons come with written commentary so you will gain powerful insights into how I'm working with them.

Supportive PDF Documentation

Including the jam-packed NPA Key-Word Cheat Sheet and, of course, The NPA Process laid out for you

Plus, I've got bonus tips liberally scattered throughout the programme to give you those extra nuggets that will help you refine your understanding and your technique

And, personally, I think it's a thing of beauty!

Here's What This Training Will Do For You

Fundamentally, NPA is a beautifully simple process that allows you to effortlessly, and quickly, stop taking things personally. It might not be your first thought, but taking things personally, actually, is at the root of much of the stuckness and pain in this world, and I discovered very quickly after creating the process that its positive impact went way beyond taking on other peoples projections. 

(Although, of course, it's awesome for that!)

So, The NPA Process is incredibly versatile and able to handle all sorts of situations where you're experiencing suffering. It can help you relax, release tension, gain clarity and insight, become more proactive, let go of pain, be happier, manifest your dreams... the list goes on...

In fact some of the thing's people have fed back to me about how NPA has helped them, has both touched and amazed me. Look at this list:

This training will help you bring The NPA Process into your life so it can start having results like these, and perhaps even better things!

Are You A Coach, A Therapists, A Healer or Someone Who Works 1:1 With People To Make A Difference In Their Lives?

Anyone can use NPA, even without any experience, and...

In if you're someone who already works with people, this will bring an extra dimension into your work, and certainly, should you resonate with it and take further training; an additional way to support your clients.

This training isn't designed to teach you in full how to work with clients, and there are more advanced trainings available that go into that in detail, but this course IS the place to start so you can begin playing and connecting with The NPA Process. You can be working on yourself but also, beginning to understand the gift it can bring to your practice and clients should you take up further training.

Here's What I Want You To Do...

If you've come this far and, you're at least intrigued, or more likely excited by the prospect of getting NPA Basic Training... If you're up for discovering how effortless it can be to stop taking people, life and situations personally, then I want you to do yourself the kindness of honouring that excitement by Clicking The Green Button at the top right of this page that says "I Want This" and starting today, dive deeper into The NPA Process with me.


No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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