Here’s exactly how you can STOP dying inside because you can’t help saying yes when you mean "No" and start having rock solid, super clear boundaries, that you can communicate with confidence

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Join me in Boundary Bootcamp where you’ll get everything you need to overcome your boundary blocks, build healthy boundaries that work for you (and hold them, even in the face of resistance) so you can start feeling great about yourself, revamp your relationships so they’re juicier, healthier and harmonious without you having to compromise and create a life that works for you

Boundary Bootcamp will help you become clear, conscious and consistent when it comes to your boundaries. It will help you bring more confidence, trust and harmonious interaction to your relationships and within yourself.

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  • Access to the Boundary Bootcamp online video course, delivered over 4 weeks
  • A masterclass in healthy boundaries for all relationships
  • Increased awareness and ability to define and hold healthy boundaries, for a more authentic you
  • Clarifications, education, practises and exercises to help you have healthy boundaries
  • Crafted step-by-step worksheets to walk you through the process
  • Access to the Boundary Bootcamp private Facebook group so you don't have to go it alone and can get extra support and connection throughout your journey.
  • And much more!

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Boundary issues are one of THE main causes of relational conflict, heart ache and uncertainty. Poor or un-held boundaries can eek away at your self-esteem, energy, trust and general wellbeing.

Boundary Bootcamp is a 4 week online video course to help you become clear, conscious and consistent when it comes to your boundaries. It will help you bring more confidence, trust and harmonious interaction to your relationships and within yourself.

When you sign up for Boundary Bootcamp, a module will be made available each week until all four are complete - then you have it all to revise or work through at your own pace.


Things to consider...


To increase your awareness and your ability to define and hold healthy boundaries, for a more authentic you.


  • Your relationships tend to be difficult or dramatic.
  • You find decision making a real challenge. 
  • You really, really hate to let other people down
  • You are often tired for no apparent reason
  • Your radar is off when it comes to sharing
  • You are constantly the victim of situations
  • You are a tiny bit annoyed most of the time
  • You secretly feel that others don’t show you respect
  • You find yourself being passive aggressive
  • You often wonder who you really are
  • Your secret fear is of being rejected or abandoned


Acting from a sense of...

  • Obligation
  • Fear of missing out
  • Not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings (but often hurting your own in the process)
  • Or any other place that does not feed our authentic self

Which diminishes...

  • Your mood
  • Your energy level
  • The quality of your interactions
  • Your capacity to respond.

Which produces symptoms of

  • Anxiety
  • Guilt
  • Relational cycles that are fuelled with assumptive and expectant communication
  • Low self esteem (I don’t matter)
  • No sense of ‘self’

Practicing strong healthy boundaries is a HUGE act of SELF LOVE

This course will give you clarifications, education, practices and exercises to help you have healthy boundaries.


  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Self-esteem
  • Help in communication and focus
  • Help with forward motion
  • And so much more!


  • Saying no 
  • Boundary distinctions
  • Dealing with crossed boundaries 
  • Crossing your own boundaries
  • Identifying a personal boundaries
  • Support through the process (with NPA) 
  • Boundless vs boundaries and spiritual misconceptions 
  • The root of poor boundaries.
  • How to deal with a boundary breach 
  • Overcoming resistance to boundaries - when they don’t like it, when you don’t like it 
  • When a boundary is a wall that doesn’t serve you
  • And more!
Start Having Rock Solid Boundaries Today
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"I would thoroughly recommend Boundary Bootcamp. It has helped me immensely and given me a greater awareness of people in relationships. It’s so comprehensive and well thought out. It helped me regain my personal power and realise where I’d just been giving away my time and energy due to a severe lack of boundaries."

Heidi Danaher

"I joined Boundary Bootcamp because my son was exhibiting verbally aggressive and abusive behaviour, and I wanted to understand more about it.

I felt hugely relieved that I’d found explanations to what I was going through, and tools to work through it. I felt that it wasn’t just me, I was shocked at how “typical” my son’s behaviour was, and also empowered to put stronger boundaries in place, face the behaviour down, hold my position and call it what it was. As I began to do that, it shifted.

It was literally a life-saver for me… I am so grateful to Joel for his raw honesty and willingness to share from his own direct experience, and from that, devise a step by step process to practically apply the learning to one’s own situation and shift the energy.

I wholeheartedly recommend Joel’s Boundary Bootcamp to anyone who wants to understand the nature of abuse and how we get caught up in it, and who wants tools and a step by step guide to find empowerment and freedom."

Clare Jackson

"I feel like the proudest mum right now (and the) worksheets are gold!"

Gulara Vincent

"Well .. Things have shifted and changed even only after doing week one. I feel really quite different and responding differently too"

Vanessa Coxon

"I realised at Christmas at my parents that the sleeping arrangements were not working. Feb half term, easter, whit came and went - no change.
Two days ago I made a change.
I spoke up and said I'm not getting enough sleep and we have tried out two alternatives, both of which work for me.
Feels good finally!"

Start Having Rock Solid Boundaries Today
🛒 Yes Joel, I'm in!

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