The NPA Academy

Welcome to home of trainings for The NPA Process™
Theses courses will take you from newbie to master;
transforming your life and how you work with people 1-on-1.

What if you could live a resistance-free life?
The NPA Trainings take you on a journey to resistance-free living. Imagine being resistance-free when it comes to to letting go of the yucky stuff and letting in the yummy stuff of life.
And imagine if you never experience a resistant client again!

Stop the energy drain when it comes to working on yourself or with others
Follow the NPA trainings and let your transformational work become an effortless joy again!


The NPA Key Word Cheat Sheet

How To Open Up The Power Of The NPA Process And Bring Yourself Release & Freedom In All Sorts Of Life Challenges...

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The NPA Process: Basic Training

"This programme will walk you step by step through the basics of The NPA Process and give you what you need to get st...

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The NPA Process: Advanced Training

Course opening soon: Get on the waitlist. Take your NPA Processing to the next level.

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Boundary Bootcamp

Start having rock solid, super clear boundaries, that you can communicate with confidence with this 4 weeks prog...

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NPA: The Bridge (A Comprehensive Audio Programme for The NPA Process)

In this audio programme, Joel will walk you through the fundamental principles of Non-Personal Awareness. He will t...

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Become An NPA Academy Member And Unlock The NPA Frame™ Bank [Coming Soon]

The Integration Frame ™

An incredibly versatile and effective technique for resolving conflict of all kinds

The Fear Frame™

The perfect frame for dealing with situations which are causing fear, anxiety or worry

The Should Frame™

Releases suffering which comes from a ‘should’ that relates to a specific person, thing or situation

The Breakthrough Frame™

When you keep hitting an edge, a limit or a cap... it's time for a breakthrough

The Aperture Frame™

When you're stuck and need to see yourself and the situation from a wider perspective

Unlock The NPA Frame™ Bank

Access to these and many more NPA Frames is just ONE of the benefits of becoming a member of The NPA Academy