Discover an amazingly simple tool that exposes and releases the grip of fear; in you and your clients

Watch this important video¬†and find out¬†how conventional approaches to¬†fear may be letting you down and¬†why¬†this¬†powerful identity-level¬†technique is working like magic to dissolve fear in clients all over the world ūüĎáūüŹĽ

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Event takes place live on Zoom and will run twice:
Thur 6th Jun 1pm-4:30pm | Fri 7th Jun 9am-12:30pm
(UK times)
Your ticket entitles you to attend either date.

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Who's Running Their Fear Show?

Traditional approaches to working with fear often look to release the emotion, work with the beliefs or change the behaviour. But did you know that ALL of those are run by the Identity behind it; when you shift the identity the beliefs, emotions and behaviours shift all by themselves.

At The Fear Dissolver event you will learn a unique, quick and effortless way to uncover the identity behind your clients' fear and shift it. That means that the source of their fear and all its associated beliefs, emotions and behaviours simply fall away.

In my 1:1 practice and amongst our Certified NPA Practitioners, this is an NPA tool that gets utilised day-in and day-out.

After this event you'll be able to use it too!

What Our Certified NPA Practitioners (and those in training) Love About The NPA Fear Frame

At The Fear Dissolver event you'll be learning an advanced NPA tool called The NPA Fear Frame. The only other place I teach this is in NPA Mastery (our NPA Practitioner certification programme). Amongst our Certified NPA Practitioners, this is one of the most loved NPA Frames. Here's some words of praise from a few of them:

Gulara Vincent, Certified NPA Practitioner

Gulara Vincent, PhD

"I use The NPA Fear Frame with my clients on a regular basis and it works like a charm. It bypasses all the stories and multiple layers of trauma and goes right to the heart of the matter. My clients find this experience deeply illuminating and I regularly get feedback like, 'Wow, no wonder I was avoiding taking action!' I highly recommend Joel’s class. He’s one of the best teachers I ever had and you’ll have so much fun, release and transformation in the process."

Charlotte Kanyi, Certified NPA Practitioner

Charlotte Kanyi

‚ÄúThe NPA Fear Frame is one of my favourite NPA Frames and one of the first I learnt by heart. I love that it is so simple and easy to learn that it can be used on the go and with clients without having to look it up. And it gets right to the heart of the identity that is linked to the surface fears that are showing up and causing problems. So the relief is more widespread than just the fear you start with. It can be breathtakingly liberating. Also I don't get lost overthinking the fear and the whys of it as it takes me straight through that to the underlying heart of the issue.‚ÄĚ

Belinda Noakes

"Nothing else cuts through anxiety like this technique. It drops a client from "surface" angst to the source of their deepest, darkest fear in 60 seconds. Bonus - it works on me too¬†ūüėČ"

Clare Jackson

"The NPA Fear Frame is a fabulous enquiry that gets right under the radar to the nub of the issue, freeing energy that may have been stuck for years, even decades."

Michelle Robinson

‚ÄúHaving a tool to cut though fear really has helped me in so many situations. I go back to this whenever I feel anxiety or feel stuck or in procrastination mode (those are my clues that there¬†is fear holding me back). The NPA Fear Frame is so simple and quick and it takes the power right out of the fear, which not only leaves me with more energy and feeling calmer but seems to open me up to solutions and new ideas with no effort. It‚Äôs like I get out of my own way or rather the fear gets out of my way.‚ÄĚ

Jane Griffin

"A lot of techniques get you to dispute with the fear, when you are already shattered from that fight. That is exhausting. This technique is the opposite of that - I experience ease, relief, space and release. A simple but incisive uncovering and seeing what’s under the fear, nurtures a natural unfurling."

Your Ticket Will Give You:

  • Full instructions on how to use The NPA¬†Fear Frame‚ĄĘ with hands on experience and live coaching so you can feel confident to use it with your clients
  • Help your clients¬†release¬†the grip of fear so they can move forward and shift their body-chemistry from life deadening to life sustaining
  • Know¬†how to¬†pinpoint¬†where the identity behind the fear is hiding so it doesn't continue to evade detection and you can actually make a lasting change
  • Learn¬†how to uncover exactly how the identity behind the fear has attached itself to your client without getting side-tracked or caught up in dead-end analysis¬†
  • Discover how to¬†expose the identity behind your clients'¬†fear¬†so they can¬†completely shift their paradigm in relation to what had seemed so scary
  • These tools will help you work through any of your unresolved fears so you become freer in your practice and feel more confidence and comfortable when faced with challenging¬†clients
  • Ticket¬†to attend the live online event on¬†either date¬†so you can choose a time that suits your calendar
  • All downloadable worksheets via email so you can have the notes to hand whenever you need them

Plus As A BONUS:

  • You'll get access to all the recordings via our online portal so you can review the course at anytime and on any of your devices.

This class combines teaching and practical exercises so you learn experientially. That means you'll gain understanding and the confidence to use it skilfully with your clients. Plus you'll get to clear your own fear issues as you go.

The¬†Fear Frame‚ĄĘ¬†is such an amazingly quick intervention when clients get caught in fear;¬†It's a tool I use every day with clients.

Fear is a core experience on any healing journey and this NPA Frame makes navigating it so easy.

If you're a healer, therapist, coach or do any kind of change work with clients then this is an incredible tool to add to your skillset.

You don't need to be a professional to use what you learn. This class will give you everything you need to dissolve the fears in your own life.

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Price £297 £59.40 (with coupon code)

Event takes place live on Zoom and will run twice:
Thur 6th Jun 1pm-4:30pm | Fri 7th Jun 9am-12:30pm (UK times)
Your ticket entitles you to attend either date.

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