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Unlock Your Genius In Service To Your Clients

Genius changemakers, coaches and wellbeing practitioners all have one thing in common:

They get out of their own way and let the magic happen through them.
No agenda, no resistance and no limiting self-consciousness in the healing space. 

It seems like a gift; innate and reserved for the chosen ones... but the reality is, it's a skill.

In this training, you will uncover that Mastery in yourself.

That Means You'll Have

More Energy

Resistance free sessions mean that there are no more draining struggles. You will have way more energy after each session so you can work with more clients and still have energy for the other areas of life that matter to you; family, relationships, hobbies and other areas of your business.

More Clients

Facilitating a resistance free experience for you client means they will find sessions with you easier than with other practitioners. The outcomes they achieve in this frictionless energy will be beyond their expectations. That leads to effortless referrals and more ready-to-book clients.

More Influence

With more energy and more clients raving about their experience with you, your reputation will grow fast. As you reach and serve more people your influence will grow and you can raise your fees. Opportunities will come your way and in this positive spiral of abundance you can work as you please.


"This course will give you an entire suite of simple, powerful, resistance free tools for working 1-on-1 with your clients.

But NPA Mastery is about more than just NPA.

It’s about up-levelling YOU as a facilitator of transformation and growth and how you approach your entire practice (whatever modalities you use).

That doesn’t mean changing the amazing things you already do, it’s about lifting it all to even greater heights."

Joel Young




NPA Mastery Participants Share Their Experience

What's it actually like to be part of NPA Mastery?

Watch this video to hear directly from previous participants who got together to share their experience with you. You'll discover how Mastery has already impacted their practices and lives and what it's actually like to go through the programme.

This Is What I've Been Looking For! I'm Ready To Join

Becoming A Certified NPA Practitioner 

Over the next 6 months you will undergo profound experiences, learn powerful new tools and up-level your skills when facilitating growth, healing and transformation with your clients.

When you finish NPA Mastery and have satisfactorily completed the case studies, you will receive your certificate. This demonstrates that you are fully qualified as an NPA Practitioner; trained, endorsed and recommended by NPA's Creator, Joel Young.

You'll be ready to enter a new phase of fulfilment, ease and flow with clients that will be wow'd by their experience with you, tell their friends and make you their go-to support when they need it next.

These Guiding Principals Are Threaded Through The Experiential Content & Curriculum:

The Three Pillars of NPA Mastery

PILLAR 1: Enhance Your Skillset

There’s no doubt that NPA Mastery will bring your skill with the core NPA Process up to a whole new level. But Mastery doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get a host of super-cool additional non-personal tools.

You’ll learn an entire set of incredibly powerful, situation focused tools called the NPA Frames.

There are Frames for resolving conflict, core fears and judgements, breaking through comfort zones and many more situations.

Plus, The NPA Frames are built from a set of unique non-personal technologies that make up NPA Frame Anatomy; including Situational Cookie cutters, Sentence Completion, Energy Reads, Proofs, Weaves and more.

You’ll learn these building blocks which means you’ll deeply understand the magic of the Frames and can even create Frames on the fly with you clients; tailoring them to their specific situation and needs in the moment.

You’ll also discover a set of additional tools, inquiries and interventions I use in my practice and how to integrate them with NPA.

Throughout the programme you will also be discovering and practicing how to integrate NPA into sessions alongside any other modalities you use (or any that you learn in the future!)

By the end of this programme you’ll have a body of non-personal, resistance free tools and skills that allow you to confidently handle anything that shows up in your practice.

Plus, having these NPA Frames, additional tools and integrations at your finger tips will feel like magic in your hands and your clients will love it!

PILLAR 2: Master Yourself
(Get Out Of Your Own Way)

As facilitators in service to the healing and transformation of others, it’s vital that we work on our own stuff.

Not only does that give us personal experience of the transformational process, but it also matures us as human beings; it enriches our soul-wisdom and deepens our understanding of the human condition.

Probably most importantly though is that it means ‘our stuff’ is not creating resonant conflict in the energy of our clients.

While you may have done a lot of work on yourself at this point, how we approach self-work in this course is different.

Our focus is on where you may be inserting yourself into the healing space; with self-consciousness, agendas, dogma and other limiting identifications - all of which create friction, invoke resistance and mute the magic-factor in your work.

This angle of looking at your stuff is specific to how you show up in your role as facilitator. As far as I know, this is unique to this course and is the key factor that will put you in the top 1-4% of facilitators on the planet when you complete the training.

It’s not about being perfect or having ‘fixed all your stuff’.

In fact this programme and will teach you how you can confidently be out of your own way when life-stuff happens. That means you can rock it for your clients, even on a bad day!

PILLAR 3: Drills & Coaching

A large portion of our time together will be in our drills and coaching sessions. Here, in front of the group, we practice, critique, learn and repeat.

Nothing brings up your self-consciousness more than practicing in front of your peers! Those unconscious patterns where you insert yourself, your dogma and any agenda into the facilitation will all come to light.

If that’s a scary thought for you then good! You’re in exactly the right place because this is exactly the fire you need to walk through to truly know yourself and become a masterful, resistance-free facilitator.

It all happens in a space of support where these inevitable ‘mistakes’ are welcomed into consciousness. Patterns that bring resistance into the facilitation space get revealed through constructive feedback and coaching from me and the group.

It’s a crucible where we all get to see the non-personal nature of these patterns. And we learn as much through witnessing them in others, as we do through our own direct experience.

Each time we enter the crucible together, the unseen becomes seen and addressed. As you go through the course you’ll become more and more refined and skilled at staying out of your own way, staying out of your clients way and having more and more direct experiences of facilitating the resistance-free way.

That repeated experience registers in your body and mind, confirming the benefit of this new freedom and clarity;  inevitably, it becomes your new normal.

This is a truly powerful and experiential approach to learning and through it, you will come to mentally, physiologically and neurologically embody the agenda-less way alongside the techniques and tools.

This is how you’ll become a true master of resistance free, non-personal facilitation.

Programme Outline

A month-by-month breakdown of what you'll cover in NPA Mastery.

Mastering NPA Fundamentals

We begin with reviewing, drilling and embodying the core elements of NPA; the philosophies, basic mechanics of the NPA Process, animation and non-personal interaction in a session.

Reaching this baseline mastery will set the foundations for the advanced approaches to come.

We'll also begin the process of clearing out the blocks that bring resistance into your sessions.

This month will be the bedrock upon which you build an unwavering confidence when using The NPA Process.

Mastering The Agenda-less Way

Here we’ll dive deep into the heart of the non-personal, clear invasive dogmas and concretise the agenda-less mindset in you; body and being.

We’ll look at pacing and client congruence and how to powerfully use the reflection phase of the NPA Facilitation Cycle™ to include your insights and still remain agenda free.

This is the month where the shackles of resistance fall away.

You’ll come to realise that you never need to feel stuck or lost with a client and that there will always be a clear pathway with your client so you can guide them effortlessly to get what they came for.

Mastering Advanced Tools 1

This month includes The NPA Programmes, NPA Frame Anatomy, Frame Set 1 and where they all fit into the bigger picture.

For the first time ever, I’ll share the NPA Frame Anatomy so you’ll understand the underlying technologies and building blocks that go into designing NPA Frames; including Situational Cookie cutters, Sentence Completion, Energy Reads, Proofs, Weaves and more.

Then you’ll learn the 5 Frames I use most often in my practice; The Integration Frame, The Fear Frame, The Should Frame, The Breakthrough Frame and The Kneading Frame.

As well as a host of additional tools this month, you’ll understand how to create bespoke programmes and NPA Frames on the fly that meet the specific needs of your clients.

Mastering Advanced Tools 2

Here you get access to the remaining library of NPA Frames, with space to practice and explore them within the agenda-less environment.

These additional Frames cover a wide array of different situations and include:

The Co-creative Frame, The Blame Frame, The Striving Frame, The Jigsaw Frame, The History Frame, The Body-Mind Frame, The Death Frame, The Authenticity Frame, The Reciprocity Frame, The Aperture Frame, The Envy Frame and more.

We’ll also cover a set of additional tools that I use a lot in my practice that I've found assist rapid transformation alongside NPA.

By the end of this month you will have the entire NPA toolset at you disposal; opening up your possibilities and igniting your creativity when working with scenarios across the board.

Mastering Human Basics

Human basics covers the areas of working with emotions, the body and behaviours.

As well as covering the non-personal approach to working with clients in these areas we will continue to look at and clear any dogma that shows up for you in relation to them.

Within our drills and coaching sessions, there's great scope here to dive deep into your own process work in this territory.

We will also continue to practice and use the most relevant frames in this area.

Mastering these human basics from a non-personal perspective will form a robust understructure; giving you the surety that you can meet and navigate whatever core issues arise in a client.

Mastering Complex Scenarios

Complex scenarios take us into the realm of relationships, life fundamentals (birth, sex and death) and working with business and abundance issues.

Again you will deepen your understanding of using the most relevant frames and additional tools in these scenarios.

These are territories that can shine a light on a lot of dogma, hidden agendas and stories that may cause you to get in your way and add resistance to the facilitation space. So there’ll be plenty of drills, coaching and process work here.

We’ll also focus on mastering NPA in conjunction with other modalities and take time to wrap up the core content of the course.

This month will deepen your skills and confidence in working with whatever shows up in your practice. By the end you will have amassed a great deal of experience of (and therefore truly embrace) the deeper freedom, ease and flow you feel when facilitating magical, non-personal transformation.

Bonus Month

This bonus month is not part of the mandatory curriculum but is hugely valuable to your practice as a business.

Growing Your Practice

In this bonus month you have the opportunity to get some top-tier training in the area of marketing your business and attracting more clients.

As change workers it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t just give general marketing advice to cover all industries but actually understands the psychology and idiosyncrasies of client attraction in the wellbeing space.

It’s even more rare to find somebody that understands the stories we tell ourselves as members of the wellbeing community; stories that actually get in the way of our marketing success! Plus, of course, what we can do about it so we feel empowered and confident to attract droves of clients and make an excellent living.

Fortunately my own mentor, James Lavers IS that guy and he’s agreed to offer you training as part of NPA Mastery.*

James has worked with top luminaries in our field like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Paul McKenna, Andy Harrington and more - so this is a super high-value bonus to get as part of the programme.

These bonus sessions will challenge you to question your assumptions about selling and give you the tools to take your practice and your abundance to the next level.

*Please Note: At this time James has yet to confirm for the Feb '24 intake. However, in the unlikely event that he cannot, there will be an equivalent (marketing focused) bonus. 

The Impact Of NPA

Whether you use it on it's own or integrate it with the modalities you already use, NPA brings a magic-like quality to your practice. 

NPA As A Standalone Methodology

Sessions of pure NPA have been changing lives all over the world for over 14 years.

The magic of those 6 simple lines has provided the tipping point both for instantaneous miracle shifts and it’s been the means of navigating incremental step by step progress on the healing journey.

We’ve had feedback from people who have let go of 18 years of depression in 2 minutes flat, experienced pain free childbirth, witnessed ‘incurable’ skin disease disappear over five days following a session, releasing the burden of traumatic events from their past and more.

And there are so many stories of NPA being at the heart of transformations in terms of self-esteem, confidence, abundance, relationship issues, addictions, physical recovery and so much more.

Once you complete NPA Mastery you can confidently meet clients knowing that, with NPA alone, you have a tool that can meet your clients wherever they are on their journey and take them where they want to be; usually way faster that they thought was possible.

NPA In Conjunction With Other Modalities

NPA plays really nice with other healing tools and is being used with great effect in conjunction with a ton of existing modalities.

You can include it in your sessions to enhance whatever modalities you already use - whether it’s a talking therapy, on the table (like massage or reflexology) or in a consultative session (like homeopathy).

What I hear again and again is that NPA acts as an accelerant for other modalities and when it’s in the mix, shifts come faster than ever.

Plus it’s the go-to tool for change workers when their clients get in a logjam with another modality, because it naturally brings that resistance-free energy.

NPA starts with the process, but it's more than that. NPA (non-personal awareness) is a set of philosophies and guiding principles. This means that whatever healing modality you’re using and whatever the situation, you always have a map that provides creativity and flexibility on tap, so you’ll never feel stuck or lost in a session again.

At the Mastery level you’ll fully embody the non-personal tools and philosophies. So, whether you explicitly use the NPA tools or are working with other approaches, that friction free, effortless flow and accelerated transformation will be a hallmark of your practice.

Let the flood of testimonials and referrals begin!

NPA Mastery

The NPA Certified Practitioner Training

I'm Ready To Join

About Joel

Joel Young is the Creator & Custodian of NPA, a Visionary Leader in the field of Human Consciousness and a genuine 21st Century Heretic, with over 25 years experience of healing & teaching internationally.

In his inspiring talks and seminars, Joel shares the NPA Process and its message, asking you: "Are you ready for profound positive change that comes this easy?"

Joel originally worked in IT & Marketing in the field of Orthopaedics. The move into alternative health care came as a result of a loved one's illness. On encountering other healing approaches, he became fascinated with consciousness and the mind-body connection.

Events led him to meet Brandon Bays as she embarked on introducing the world to her healing and awakening process, The Journey™. He began Practicing The Journey™ Method in 1995 and is a Senior Accredited Therapist, Senior Trainer and, before dedicating himself to his new work 'NPA', was a Presenter for The Journey in Europe, USA & The Middle East.

Described by Brandon as "A living expression of Grace" and "The best therapist in the northern hemisphere", Joel's vast experience is the foundation of his 1:1 practice.

Over the years, Joel has also trained in NLP, Shamanism, and The Work of Byron Katie (Author of 'Loving What Is'). He has appeared on international radio and has contributed to and written magazine articles published around the globe.

Joel describes how in January 2006 he ‘disappeared’ in a cave in India, and in January 2007 he received a revelation in answer to a prayer. He was ‘given’ a simple process and a profound message which he offers wholeheartedly to the Global Community in support of it’s expanding Consciousness.

Joel is renowned for his dynamic, humorous and clear delivery and has a knack for communicating the essence of a topic in a simple, heartfelt and easy to digest way.

More Praise For Joel's Work

"I have known Joel for many years as Journey Practitioners, he is extremely talented and intuitive in the work he so generously shares. Joel has great depth of understanding and compassion and I would highly recommend you to his work with Non-Personal Awareness, it is a gift to us all."
Jan Rickets, Journey Practitioner

“My personal experience of Joel is someone who is a gifted, intuitive and inspirational speaker, with the ability to present discussions in such a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand and at the same time extremely engaging for his audience. I highly recommend Joel Young.”
Lesley Robin, Managing Director, Exclusive Journeys

“Joel’s innovative teaching and leading style, working in complete integrity, meant that course participants were able to relax and allow themselves to be involved fully in their learning. And what learning! Joel is a master at putting things across in a simple, yet informative way.”
Paul Davies, Therapist

“Joel is one of the most authentic, fun, funky presenters I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His way of engaging people into stepping into their own personal power is amazing and his methods truly effective. I will continue to work with him at every chance I get!”
Genevieve Boast, Founder, Emergency Happiness

“Joel is a man of extraordinary vision and commitment. He has dedicated his life to raising consciousness in this world. I honour working with him and bringing his energy and message to my Nightly Healing listeners. I look forward to collaborating many times in the future.”
Vicki Lichtman, Owner, Nightly Healing

“Joel is an amazing individual of highest integrity and creative impact. His profound NPA method is sure to help millions across the globe to shift to deeper peace within, greater expression of themselves and unprecedented personal growth and unfolding - all within minutes. Change can be that simple!”
Naraya Urban-Winterfeldt

“Joel is a gifted therapist with a light, easy touch and a high level of clarity and understanding. He has a powerful and effective toolkit and is very intuitive. If you are truly intent on finding what isn't working, and changing it to something that is, or if you simply want to open to greater possibility, he is the man to see.”
Richard Cherns

“I first met Joel Young in my role as co-organiser of a very successful NPA (Non Personal Awareness) event in Dublin, October 2010. Immediately, I recognised within him a deep sense of personal awareness and spiritual connection, and a liberating penchant for fun and mischief! Joel is an extraordinarily gifted individual; a highly experienced trainer and facilitator, both empathic and compassionate, and a deeply spiritual human being. As such, he has been gifted with the discovery and creation of Non Personal Awareness (NPA), a unique Energy Psychology technique that continues to change the lives of many of us who attended the training workshop. He is a truly remarkable human being who daily 'walks his talk', and whom I am proud to consider my friend.”
Paul O'Connor, Director, DAEDALUS

“Joel is a very centred individual who has done a lot of personal work, which benefits all who work with him. His passion is sharing NPA (Non-Personal Awareness) so that everyone can release the stories that hold them back and be free to express their unique gifts to the world. I highly recommend Joel Young and NPA often ~ if you have a chance to participate in one of his live events, go for it!”
Nancy Barry-Jansson, Teaching & Mentoring at Affirming Spirit

“The results that can be achieved from such a simple process as NPA are amazing. Joel has a wonderfully soothing, reassuring way of teaching NPA.”
Carolyn Arnold

“Joel is warm and compassionate and the method he developed gets your life flowing in a simple and profound way."
Hilda Versluijs-Eering


“Joel's work is powerful and transformational, yet down to earth and practical at the same time. His sessions always leave me enlightened and inspired.“
Martin Young, Wellness Website Designer

What You'll Get When You Register For NPA Mastery Today

Mastery Training Sessions

Over 6 months you’ll get two full days group training a month, live on Zoom with me. These providing a crucible of interactive experiential learning that will take your NPA and facilitation skills to new heights. Includes teaching, drills and coaching, experiential exercises and more.

The NPA Frame Bank

Access to The NPA Frame Bank and additional interventional skills giving you a suite of powerful new tools to meet any situation you encounter with your clients.

NPA Frame Anatomy

Discover the building blocks of The NPA Frames so you can confidently create bespoke Frames on the fly that meet the specific needs of your clients.

NPA Practitioner Certification

Your certificate demonstrates that you are fully qualified as an NPA Practitioner; trained, endorsed and recommended by NPA's Creator, Joel Young.

Plus These Incredible Bonuses

The NPA Mastery Hub

Access to all the resources and replays in one central online hub so you can review the content, including your own crucible sessions and download all the resources.

The NPA Mastery Club

Access to the private Facebook group where you can connect and share with fellow students, staff and myself for support, mutual inspiration and peer accountability.

Practitioner Support Calls

Each month one of our Certified NPA Teachers will host a support call where you can bring your challenges, get supervision and input from a different voice on the months themes and lessons.

Mastery Plus Calls

Once per month I will host an extended ‘open’ support call where we can review what’s been covered, have additional crucible sessions or go deeper in areas that you and other students request.

Plus This Super High Value Additional Bonus

Growing Your Practice

This incredible bonus adds an entire extra month which focuses on building your practice and attracting more clients. Top tier training comes from James Lavers* who has helped the likes of Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer build their online sales.

This means you’ll feel confident to go out and attract droves of high paying clients and get massive financial return on your investment in less time than you think!

*Please Note: At this time James has yet to confirm for the Feb '24 intake. However, in the unlikely event that he cannot, there will be an equivalent (marketing focused) bonus. 

Your Investment

Core Content

Mastery Training Sessions (12 full days. Value £7200)
Mastery Plus Calls (Monthly half-day group coaching with Joel. Value £2079)
The NPA Frame Bank (39 NPA Frames. Value £11583)
NPA Frame Anatomy (12 aspects to create your own Frames. Value £2400)
In-Depth Case Study Feedback (Personal feedback on each case study. Value £3480)
NPA Practitioner Certification (Certification Assessment & Processing. Value £50)


The NPA Mastery Hub (Lifetime access to resources. Value £1997)
The NPA Mastery Club (Ongoing peer support and accountability. Value £997)
Practitioner Support Calls (Monthly Support Calls with Certified NPA Teachers. Value £594)
Other tools (7 additional Tools for Facilitation. Value £2079)

Bonus Month

Growing Your Practice (2 days top-tier marketing training with James Lavers & Joel Young, plus an extra half-days group coaching. Value £2500)

Core Content Value £26,792
Bonus Content Value £8,167
Total Value £34,959

Your Investment £9600


Calling You To New Heights

This course will give you an entire suite of simple, powerful, resistance free tools for working 1-on-1 with your clients. But NPA Mastery is about more than just NPA. It’s about up-levelling YOU as a facilitator of transformation and growth and how you approach your entire practice (whatever modalities you use). That doesn’t mean changing the amazing things you already do, it’s about lifting it all to even greater heights.

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More Than Just Another Qualification

Remember NPA Mastery isn’t just another qualification. I know you could probably add other qualifications to your wall and they could be way cheaper than this course. But what does that extra qualification add to your bottom line? Does it truly set you free or does it just teach you more rules that could become resistance creating dogma? New skills and techniques are great and I’m not knocking them in themselves… but there IS a distinction between that and what you will get from this course.

So, yes, NPA Mastery will give you that qualification, but it is so much more than that.

This programme is about elevating your skills so you can bring effortless fluidity to your work right across the board, with all the modalities you use.

Giving You The X-Factor In Your Client's Eyes

It’s about reducing resistance in the healing space so both you and your client have more energy and more fun in the process of transformation and growth.

And THAT is the very thing that will give you the x-factor in your clients eyes.

It’s not just about adding a qualification it’s about taking you from being a great wellbeing practitioner to being in the top 1-4% of ALL practitioners.

That means you'll have the confidence to get yourself out there, see more clients, gain more influence and have more abundance - effortlessly!

Increase Your Income By 250%?

So think of this £9600 investment as a business proposal and I’m going to put it to you that it’s actually a very small investment considering the potential returns.

While there’s no guarantees (because the action factor is on you), I AM super confident and able to promise you that this course will up-level YOU as a facilitator in a way that makes a massive return on investment as natural and easy as possible.

According to the average wage of a coach in 2023 is £33,172 per year.
The reality is, I know a LOT of change workers who make way less than that and a handful that make WAY more.

But let's do some maths and, to keep it simple, let's round it up to £34K per year.

Now, imagine that you charge £100/hour. That’s 28 hours a month (7 hours/week of coaching) to earn 34K.

If the confidence you gain from NPA Mastery means you can congruently and easily up your prices, even just to £150/hr (and you’ll probably feel able to charge way more after the course) then your wage goes up to £52.5K…

But probably part of why you’re only doing 7 hours a week is because that’s your energy cap.

In other words, 7 hours in session takes all the energy you can spare; with everything else that’s required to run a practice, plus all the day-to-day stuff that’s enough.

In other words there’s an energetic cost to those 7 hours because of the subtle (and not so subtle) resistances in the energy.

Your Sessions Go From Energy Sapping To Energy Boosting

When you truly embody what you'll learn in NPA Mastery your sessions will go from energy costing to energy giving.

That means you can open up the throttle because your energy will finally be available to bust that ceiling. You'll become energetically available to way more clients coming your way.

You’ll have more energy and confidence to close clients on your discovery calls. PLUS you’ll start getting a lot more referrals via your ecstatic clients.

So let’s say you increase you weekly session hours by just 4 - that’s 11 hours per week… you can do that over 2 days easily and still have plenty of time to market your business and chill out doing whatever you please.

And yet 11 hours/week at £150/hr raises your income from £34K to £85.8K; that's an additional £51.8K yearly income! 

And an 9.6K investment to add 51.8K per annum to your bottom line means a more than 5x return on the price of NPA Mastery - that's an absolute steal!*

NPA Mastery

The NPA Certified Practitioner Training

I'm Ready To Join

Frequently Asked Questions

*Earnings Disclaimer: It should be noted that earnings and income statements made by and its associated websites and social media outlets are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Full details in our terms.