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You’re About To Discover Exactly How You Can Get Resistance-Free Transformations With Even The Most Difficult Clients (Whatever Modality You Use)

This means you'll never feel worn out, drained or stuck with 'difficult' clients (in fact you feel energised, alive and fulfilled); plus you'll bring deeper, easier and more sustainable change to them and all your clients will rave about you, give you more referrals and become walking adverts for your practice!

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"Joel always delivers on his training and I felt I was learning just by being in his presence so I highly recommend his Advanced Training

I have particularly loved learning the deeper philosophies behind NPA which is quite different from many other trainings out there and ultimately very freeing. The “No Agenda” part in particular has helped me connect more deeply and authentically to clients and enabled the process to flow. This has resulted in clients who are considered ‘difficult’ by other therapists or by themselves to wonder why working with me feels more effortless. I attribute the less doing, less effort to the deeper training in the NPA process and philosophy. It has also made working with people more enjoyable."

Birth Confidence Coach

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Offer Includes This Great Bonus:

Dialoguing with The Body

Get an additional non-personal technique for working with complex body issues
(Value £197)

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