An Adventure Of Inquiry & Transformation On The Topic Of Wealth, Money & Abundance.

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Reveal Your Perfect Relationship To Money & Abundance And Start Experiencing Financial Flow

If you have 'money issues', the chances are your energy system is set up to buck the flow of financial abundance.

In other words, the relationship between your natural focus for abundance and money-specific abundance is off kilter and needs a tune up.

This course will help you uncover and embody the perfect relational balance, so you can be your natural abundant self and open the gates to wealth and money.

Over 4 Powerful Modules You Will:


Get connected to what truly matters.

In module 1 you will connect with how your manifestation pathways already function beautifully. You will become super clear on what truly matters to you and where the path to your natural abundance lays.


Clear your 'Money Energies'.

In module 2 you will turn your attention to your 'Money Energies'. You'll be identifying and clearing whatever yucky stuff you've attached to money and ultimately bring your money energies into balance so they become crystal clear.


Give your relationship with money some juice.

In module 3 it gets relational. You'll uncover the relational dynamics at play between you and money and undergo some 'Money is from Mars, I am from Venus' couples therapy; re-kindling the spark that somehow got lost along the way. Looking through the lens of relationship with NPA is an incredibly powerful and wonderfully healing way to shift your financial abundance.


Supercharge your money energy.

In module 4 you get to explore a beautiful future for you and money. Your new wholesome money marriage will guide you in how that wishes to express itself going forward. You'll also discover how you can supercharge your new abundant set-point.

Everything You Need To Get Aligned With
The Flow Of Money

Join The August Abundance Assembly with these audio recordings of an event that took place over 4 weeks and will allow you to shift your relationship to money and abundance.

With NPA at it's heart, including unique and powerful NPA Frames and deep inquiries, you'll get clear and congruent about what truly matters to you and how abundance and money flow best in your life.


This Course Includes:

Comprehensive downloadable worksheets for all the inquiry and process work,
so you are held every step of the way

✅ Recordings of all the calls, conveniently split into easy to digest chunks
that are organised and easily navigable.

✅ Access to support through the comments where you can
get any questions answered and share your experience with the community

✅ Our 30 Day Guarantee so you can go ahead without risk
and in the unlikely event that it doesn't positively impact your life I'll give you your money back



You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled relationship to welath, money and abundance.

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