Free A Frustrating Relationship Logjam In Just 5 Days


Ready to reclaim your power, shift your energy and move that painful recurring relationship logjam from stuck-ness to flow?


Free A Frustrating Relationship Logjam In Just 5 Days

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"Loved, loved, loved this 5 days investigation!!!! 😍 Big shift from fear and disconnection (inward and outwards) towards openness, relaxation, appreciation, connection, joy and love. The new name of my story is: ‘we can still be friends even if they don’t agree with me’. I now experience connection, space, laughter, relaxation equality and joy. There is no more fear, disconnection, blame or trying to convince others... there is no ‘battle’ anymore on any level whatsoever... such a relief ! 🙏😍 Thank you so much Joel for this beautiful journey and your superb guidance 🙏❤️😘"

Ankie, Netherlands

"After taking part in this 5 day adventure and addressing my own stuff and my part in this, we have had a great weekend and I have done exactly as I would have done in my IDEAL world. Things have not escalated and he has been open and remained open, which is IDEALLY what I would have liked to have happened before now .. I can honestly say that RELATIONSHIP has been happening .. big pat on the back for me and a huge WOOHOO too!!! Awesome 5 day challenge and have thoroughly enjoyed it… Big thank you to you Joel for dreaming it up and sharing it with us; you are a star ❤ Much love and gratitude here right now ❤ xxx"

Vanessa, UK

"Did the [Day 4 Exercise] and feel genuinely SO different. Big time different! Don't want to find words for it, the feeling is more without.🌟✨👏"

Angie, UK

"NPA is the quickest PROFOUND SHIFT method!! Thanks Joel!"

Suzi, USA

"Thanks for a really powerful five days x"

Charlotte, UK

"I chose relationship with son... however major breakthrough with one of the daughters after Day 1 whom I have similar loggerhead issues with"

Mahani, UK

"Thank you… it has been a great experience for me. It was really clearing me to be more open to a new relationship coming into my life."

Robin, Canada

Are you at Loggerheads with a:

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Click the button below for 5 powerful days
that will release your relational logjam

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The Detail For Those That Like To Read

Is this for me? Is it just about intimate partners or any relationship? How does the challenge work?
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The Frustration Of Going Round In Circles

Is there a relationship in your life where, over and over, you end up in the same story, the same fight, the same shutdown or stuck-ness? You find yourself going round in circles on the topic, making no progress?

It makes you and the relationship feel stuck, which can be frustrating, heartbreaking, deflating and erodes the relationship, and ultimately your self-esteem. You and that other person might even find yourselves getting very reactive when it comes up, as you both feel powerless.

You’re at loggerheads with them. The lack of movement breeds stagnation or repetitive flare ups which can even sink into a painful war of attrition. It creates a lot of pain, a lot of misunderstanding and it’s a lose lose for everyone.

And perhaps there’s blame in the mix - perhaps of them, perhaps of you - probably a bit of both. Perhaps there’s feelings of guilt born out of that, which claws at your Soul. Perhaps it feels like a grudge?

Maybe there’s a stand off that you’re calling a “necessary compromise”, but deep down the frustration simmers and puts a wedge in the intimacy or connection between you. It can show up as zoning out, general dissatisfaction and perhaps you’ve both become afraid to even talk about it - and yet it hangs there between you.

You deserve better. You can step into better. You can FEEL better. And that’s where The #LoggerHeadsToLoverHearts 5 Day Challenge can take you.

Activating Your Heart’s True Nature

You want to feel empowered. You want something to change. You want to feel peace and connection in some form… certainly within yourself. Perhaps you want clarity and resolution… or to truly let it go. You sense it’s there but for all your efforts, right now there’s a gap and you can’t reach it… but your heart really longs for it.

Your body longs for that resting feeling when it can finally come out of alert status - the underlying stress is taking its toll and you know it. You long for inner alignment so that whatever action you take, whatever conversations you have, you know with no shadow of a doubt that you’ve stayed true to and honoured you… and through that you’re honouring them.

Your heart IS a lover… loving is what it does best - it’s what it wants to do… But things have built up in there, creating a logjam that, until now, you’ve not been able to break through.

This isn't just about intimate relationships, though it can be huge there. Your heart wants to be a lover, its true self, in ALL relationships.

We can be at loggerheads with our parents, our kids, our siblings, friends and even colleagues! And of course, with ourselves. And in each case your heart feels the pain because it knows its true nature is flow and love… And true love, in any of these relationships, is a love that does NOT compromise, or feel unkind to YOU.

The #LoggerHeadsToLoverHearts 5 Day Challenge will invite you to face and challenge the status quo. It will give you the means to break through the logjam and activate your Lover-Heart. It will reveal that one small shift, that’s right for you and you can easily make. You’ll be empowered to break the cycle and experience the relief of movement that you long for.

If you’re tired of feeling the frustration and powerlessness of going round in circles, then sign up now and join us on this journey into the freedom of flow.

A 5 Day Guided Journey

We all need support and help at times. I don't care how much self-investigation you’ve done - as long as you’re committed to growth there’s always going to be ‘an edge’ where you enter new territory and could use a hand as you find your feet. And I LOVE that everyone is equal in that.

The ‘Hub’ of the challenge will be the #LoggerHeadsToLoverHearts 5 Day Challenge portal. Here you can access all the content, instructions and support for the challenge. Plus you can share your journey and ask any questions under each of the daily posts.

And here’s how I support you:

Each morning of the challenge you will receive an email from me letting you know the days content is available. Inside the portal you I will give you a step of the process, with a simple exercise with insights and instruction.

Each day there are written instructions, a video with further guidance and a worksheet you can print off and use to do the exercise of the day.

Don't worry if you’re not able to start right away or have to miss a day - all the content will become available to you over 5 days, so you then have it for life and can work at your own pace. This also means you can come back and re-do the challenge anytime a logjam shows up in your life.

I have designed the course so that the content is ‘bite sized’ and doable for people with busy lives… after all it seems we ALL have busy lives these days right? Depending on the depth you choose to go and level you choose to engage at, your time commitment shouldn’t need to be more than 20-40mins to get the full experience.

The challenge starts as soon as you jump in, so go ahead and click that big blue button. Enter your details and I so look forward to connecting with you and sharing this journey together.

Free A Frustrating Relationship Logjam In Just 5 Days

Click the button below for 5 powerful days that will release your relational logjam

Instant Access | Just £99

Meet Your Guide

My name’s Joel Young and I’m the Creator & Custodian of NPA, which stands for Non-Personal Awareness. NPA is a philosophy and a practice which takes a ‘relational’ approach to life in all it’s contrasts. The NPA Process has touched the lives of millions around the world, helping them to stop taking things personally, let go of blocks and start living their dreams.

I have over 25 years experience of healing & teaching internationally, have worked with many hundreds of people 1 on 1, helping them transform and thrive, and I’m passionate about offering simple, powerful ways that allow people to make a genuine difference to their lives - reducing suffering and increasing joy.


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