Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPAWelcome!

My name is Joel Young and I am the creator and custodian of NPA.

NPA 'popped out' of me in 2007 in answer to a prayer. It's a simple 6 line process that allows you to stop taking things personally. Simple yet profound, I've come to realise that 'taking things personally' is a much deeper mechanism for experiencing our lives, both in terms of the suffering and the joys.

NPA, over time, allows you to experience a more fluid, energetic reality, drop your veils of self consciousness and step fully into your authentic self (warts n all!). It also delivers both minor and major breakthroughs along the way.

NPA stands for 'Non-Personal Awareness', has a deeply spiritual under-pinning and yet remains very grounded and practical. So it's a perfect tool for coaches, therapists and healers of all kinds.

I started teaching it in 2009, and it's now in over 18 countries around the world.

Beyond the simple 6-line NPA process and the life transforming perspectives that have come from it, there is now a huge bank of technologies I call The NPA Frames™, advanced NPA techniques and processes for all sorts of specific situations and issues.

Access to The NPA Frame™Bank is just one of the benefits of being a member of The NPA Academy.