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This is our core training for The NPA Process and is required prior to Advanced. If you have not already completed this (or an equivalent training with us) then you can add it now for just £47 (over 75% off).

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The NPA Process: Advanced Training


NPA Advanced Training is a self-paced online course which allows you to apply that non-stick NPA experience with your clients or those you work with 1:1, so they can get the benefit too - and they’ll love you for it!

It also introduces the resistance-free way for working in your practice so you can begin to experience:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Greater in-session flow and
  • Start seeing the impact on your work and the feedback from your clients.

NOTE: It is required that you have completed NPA Basic Training (or equivalent) prior to Advanced. If you have not done this you can add it here with a 75% discount


MODULE 1: NPA Principles & Philosophies

6 Lessons

What underpins The NPA Process? Discover what's at the heart of non-personal awareness... philosophies for a new paradigm.

Gift yourself a pair of magical specs that mean you can guide your client with ninja-like stealth and speed; effortlessly and quickly through issues that would normally take a ton of effort and time

MODULE 2: The NPA Facilitation Cycle™

10 Lessons

An overview and map of how to use NPA with clients (best practices). Never before shared secrets to my 1:1 approach!

MODULE 3: Advanced NPA Technical

8 Lessons

Get under the hood and into the nuts and bolts of The NPA Process. A section for tech heads and budding NPA geeks.

Become bullet proof for any NPA blocks, objections and queries that your client throws your way and ensure that you stay true to the NPA principles.

MODULE 4: The NPA Programmes

6 Lessons

Details of the 30 & 33 day NPA Programme approaches, plus the benefits of daily practice.

Learn how to work consistently over time with NPA in a super targeted way to shift particularly ingrained patterns.

MODULE 5: The NPA Process: Who, What, Where, When

17 Lessons

Notes on working with people in specific situations, various nuances of NPA work and cool stuff to really enrich your understanding and practice of NPA


  • NPA with Emotions
  • NPA with The Body
  • NPA with Behaviours
  • NPA with People & Relationships
  • NPA for Life Fundamentals (Sex, Birth & Death)
  • NPA for Work, Business & Abundance
  • NPA with Other Modalities

Plus BONUS lesson: Dialoguing with The Body

NPA Advanced Training is the final step before NPA Mastery, our certified practitioner programme.


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