The NPA Expansive Weekend with Joel Young.

If you're ready for a new kind of freedom, a new approach to transformation and life in the flow-zone, then join me in Birmingham this June for a life changing weekend experience.


A New Kind Of Freedom


As consciousness has evolved and we enter a time where a shift in humanity is transforming the world as we know it, NPA is perfectly placed to help you meet the challenges of today.

In this 2 day event you will step into a more fluid, energetic reality, widen your vision of what's possible in your world and get deeply aligned with who you truly are...


"All I can say is that it’s amazing. I just couldn’t have believed how powerful, and how fun and how really really deep this weekend was"

Henriika Maikku, Finland

The NPA Expansive Weekend

With NPA Creator Joel Young • Birmingham, UK • June 8th-9th 2019 • Limited Places • Earlybird £299 (£350 after May 4th)


Feedback from those who have undergone the NPA training


A New Approach To Transformation

Going Deep with The NPA Process

Whether you already have experience with the process or are starting from scratch, this weekend will bring a depth of understanding and grace to how you use The NPA Process in your life.

Transform your NPA skills and your life as you work on yourself and with others.

A Game Changing Model of Relating

Join the revolution of connectedness & discover how to experience togetherness in wholeness.

Discover how Non-Personal Awareness provides a powerful new perspective on how you relate to yourself, to others and the world. 

Learn Advanced 'NPA Frames'

These extra tools will help you resolve conflict with your parents, your partner and yourself.

You will also learn how to use NPA in partnership with others for collaborative and collective co-creation.


"Just a quick note to tell you how thrilled we are with your visit and workshop!! We have enjoyed many, many courses over the years - right throughout the 80's to the present day. NPA is like the key to the kingdom for anyone who will just try simplicity and dare to use a few choice words"

Eric & Lia, Canada

Here’s an outline what you'll experience at The NPA Expansive Weekend


It wouldn’t necessarily be your first thought, but at the root of all our suffering is taking stuff personally.

In this powerful weekend you’ll discover why that’s true at a quantum level and more importantly how you can stop the habit and set yourself free to live your best life.


The NPA Expansive Weekend

With NPA Creator Joel Young • Birmingham, UK • June 8th-9th 2019 • Limited Places • Earlybird £299 (£350 after May 4th)

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If deep down you long for…

  • Simplicity & ease
  • A wholesome way to handle the tricky aspects of your relationships
  • The Freedom to BE – beyond the limits of modern spiritual ideals, but not excluding them
  • That experience of ‘flow’ that all the Gurus promise

And you are willing to…

  • Try something new?
  • Perhaps question some ideas about who you are and why you are here?
  • To experience life as it is, without an agenda and see where that takes you?
  • To let it all be way easier than you ever thought possible?

Then join the 1000’s of others, in over 18 countries, that have raved about this game-changing weekend!

The weekend is lots of fun and goes deep. It’s fully experiential, allowing you to participate in the letting go process right from the off! People have had all sorts of shifts from doing this weekend including letting go of physical conditions, long term behavioural habits and ending their emotional pain!

PLUS! This weekend goes even further and gives you incredibly simple ways to resolve relationship conflicts, inner turmoil and even deal with that parental baggage!

This is more than your standard personal development – it’s non-personal development and the NPA Process is a new approach that makes the whole healing, awakening and transformation journey SO much easier and more straight forward. AND it’s a game-changer when it comes to the Spiritual aspects of life in the 21st century – all of which adds up to a more easeful, connected and authentic life experience for you!

So, whether you’re new to this kind of transformational event or you’ve done loads but have hit an edge, or if you’re a coach or a therapist and want a powerful addition to your tool box, or perhaps you’re just looking for a simple way to feel better – in any case,  I invite you to follow whatever passion in you is saying ‘yes!’ and reserve your place on this weekend!”

Some results from NPA include…

  • Emily’s autistic stepson has experienced peace and tranquillity for the first time
  • Two year old Jasmine no longer has an ‘incurable’ skin virus
  • Damien has given up smoking
  • Susanne has let go of Excema
  • Paulla has stopped her eye from constantly ‘watering’
  • Laura & many others have let go of exhaustion
  • Barry has finally let in love
  • Harriet & others have noticed the headaches stop
  • Anne watched 18 years of depression leave in two minutes!
  • Valerie has let go of a lifetime of pain
  • Joel & many others have lost weight and become much fitter
  • Andrea’s 3 week asthma attack subsided within minutes
  • Sarah has cleared her debt and imminent bankruptcy in 1 month (Look left for Video)
  • Kathryn has moved from a state of financial crisis to a state of regular, healthy, wealthy income in just 33 days

The NPA Expansive Weekend

With NPA Creator Joel Young • Birmingham, UK • June 8th-9th 2019 • Limited Places • Earlybird £299 (£350 after May 4th)

Meet Joel Young

Joel Young is the Creator & Custodian of NPA, a Visionary Leader in the field of Human Consciousness and a genuine 21st Century Heretic, with over 25 years experience of healing & teaching internationally.

In his inspiring talks and seminars, Joel shares the NPA Process and its message, asking you: "Are you ready for profound positive change that comes this easy?"

Joel originally worked in IT & Marketing in the field of Orthopaedics. The move into alternative health care came as a result of a loved one's illness. On encountering other healing approaches, he became fascinated with consciousness and the mind-body connection.

Events led him to meet Brandon Bays as she embarked on introducing the world to her healing and awakening process, The JourneyTM. He began Practicing The JourneyTM Method in 1995 and is a Senior Accredited Therapist, Senior Trainer and, before dedicating himself to his new work 'NPA', was a Presenter for The Journey in Europe, USA & The Middle East.

Described by Brandon as "A living expression of Grace" and "The best therapist in the northern hemisphere", Joel's vast experience is the foundation of his 1:1 practice.

Over the years, Joel has also trained in NLP, Shamanism, and The Work of Byron Katie (Author of 'Loving What Is'). He has appeared on international radio and has contributed to and written magazine articles published around the globe.

Joel describes how in January 2006 he ‘disappeared’ in a cave in India, and in January 2007 he received a revelation in answer to a prayer. He was ‘given’ a simple process and a profound message which he offers wholeheartedly to the Global Community in support of it’s expanding Consciousness.

Joel is renowned for his dynamic, humorous and clear delivery and has a knack for communicating the essence of a topic in a simple, heartfelt and easy to digest way.


A Weekend In Nature

The event will be held at the beautiful RSPB Nature Reserve, Sandwell Valley. 

This enchanting urban green space, once used by the nearby colliery, now flourishes with wildlife. RSPB Sandwell Valley is a fascinating mosaic of different habitats providing homes to a variety of wildlife. Wildflower meadows bloom with colour and buzz with insect life.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and bathe in nature's relaxing atmosphere.

The NPA Expansive Weekend

With NPA Creator Joel Young • Birmingham, UK • June 8th-9th 2019 • Limited Places • Earlybird £299 (£350 after May 4th)


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